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          Posted 26/03/2019 in 事件和貿易展覽會

          AUTEC 慠克再次來到IE EXPO

          AUTEC 慠克將會參加于2019年4月15-17上海新國際展覽中心舉辦的環博會-也是亞洲領先的專注于水,固廢,大氣,土壤及噪聲治理相關的展會。AUTEC此次將參展的產品為針對廢水/水泵/循環設備/污水管理的定制無線控制方案。您將會看到AUTEC無線系統包括高多樣可配置性的FJM 搖桿發射器,和具備可換電池型號的手持AB8,以及LK NEO10和腰胯便攜式四開關型號SK4。您將會看到設備狀態信息如何通過發射器自帶的LED或者高效4.3寸,256色,CODESYS/LINUX可編程屏幕進行傳送。


          AUTEC China will be exhibiting at the IE EXPO 2019 tradeshow in Shanghai New International Expo Center, from April 15- 17, 2019, the Asia’s leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management. AUTEC’s products to be featured at this tradeshow are customized wireless solutions for waste/water pumping, recycling machines and sewage management You will see AUTEC wireless systems such as the extremely versatile FJM joystick transmitting unit, handhelds such as A8B with two easily replaceable Li-Ion batteries or LK NEO 10 and waist-portable compact SK4 with 4 selector levers. You will see also how information related to the status of the machine can be displayed on the transmitting unit thanks to LEDs and/or high-efficiency displays, up to 4.3’’ with 256 colors and CODESYS/Linux programmable.

          Come visit us in the Italian Pavillon, Hall E3.