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          CURVE FJQ

          CURVE FJQ

          CURVE is a joystick transmitting unit, equipped with 8 linear joysticks and up to 3 multi-axis joysticks. It’s ideal for driving medium to large hydraulic cranes, but can also be used on concrete pump and for many other applications. A data feedback function gives user important information on machine status on a customizable 2.8’’ color TFT LCD graphic display or via 32 LEDs or on a 4.3 ''color display version (programmable CODESYS /Linux). CURVE is available with FSA technology with bi-directional FHSS radio (870/915 MHz) or the 2.4 GHz frequency band. It is available also for the “P” line of DYNAMIC, which allows the pairing with a new CAN receiver (CRP), through a simple procedure by cable.

          Shoulder harness or waist belt
          Extractable NiMH or Li-Ion battery and charger

          Cable Control
          IR Sensor
          External Buzzer
          2.8’’ TFT LCD graphic display (240x320 pixel, 65536 colors)
          4.3’’ TFT LCD graphic display (480x272 pixel, 256 colors)
          32 LEDs
          LEDs on panel
          Removable Mechanical key (if "Key ID 0-1" is not present)
          Marine environment protection

          Rotary switch
          Toggle switch
          Pull-to-operate toggle switch
          Side button

          Technical data

          Power supply
          7.2 VDC (NiMH Battery)
          7.4 VDC (Li-Ion Battery)
          Frequency band
          870/915 MHz FHSS
          2.4 GHz
          Hamming distance
          Typical working range
          100 m
          330 ft
          Average usage time with fully charged battery (continuous use at 20°C / 68°F) without display
          18.5 h (Li-Ion Battery)
          11 h (NiMH Battery)
          Average usage time with fully charged battery (continuous use at 20°C / 68°F) with display
          with 2.8” Display: 9 h (Li-Ion Battery)
          Safety performance of the STOP function (EN ISO 13849-1 / EN IEC 62061)
          up to PL e, SIL 3
          Safety category for the protection against unintended movements from standstill UMFS (EN ISO 13849-1 / EN IEC 62061)
          up to PL d, cat. 3 / SIL 2
          Protection degree
          IP65 (NEMA 4)
          Operating and storage temperature
          operating: (-25 °C) ÷ (+55 °C) / (-13 °F) ÷ (+130 °F)
          storage: (-40 °C) ÷ (+85 °C) / (-40 °F) ÷ (+185 °F)
          309 x 170 x 182 mm
          12.20 x 6.70 x 7.20 in
          2.4 kg
          5.3 lb